Nikal Padi

Nikal Padi is an exciting, funny and occasionally stinky pipe puzzle game where you must figure out the right arrangement for the plumbing so that our man waiting at the tap can collect the water and attend to his "urgent business"!

Fail to get the water before time runs out, and our poor constipated friend will have an "accident"! Succeed and you will see him relieved. So don’t keep him waiting! Download and install the game, and play 12 nerve-racking missions of intense fun, farts and laughter.

Where's My Cat? II

Small changes in gameplay to enhance your game-playing experience! Now you can navigate through numerous scenarios and levels in this amazing sequel to ‘Where’s My Cat?’. Guessing will only take you so far, use your logic to solve these levels. And most of all beware, because this new version now comes with a limited number of taps to make it more challenging. Don't run out of taps!

Kutte Pe Kutta

Kutte Pe Kutta is a Hindi phrase which literally means "Dog on top of another dog". In this engaging and fun game, dogs keep falling from the sky. Try to balance as many dogs as you can while avoiding cats, and become the ultimate dog stacker! Show off your high scores on Facebook and challenge your friends.

Mumbai ka Dabbawala

Thousands of hungry Mumbaikars (citizens of Mumbai) wait everyday for timely delivery of their dabbas (lunch) which are delivered by our very own Six Sigma certified "Mumbai Ka Dabbawala". In this game, you play as a dabbawala and are responsible for delivering dabbas to the railway playforms of the local train. Solve 99 exciting levels and make the dabbas reach their destination.

From Mars to Banaras

Get ready for an adventure of an alien lifetime, as you help Doidle the little alien and his alien friends who crash-landed in India, repair their spaceship and collect fuel so they can return to their home planet Zetron! Explore various Indian cities and historical places and solve different puzzles while dodging policemen and reporters. Interact with other players in this extremely engaging Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game and help the Zetronis reach home

Top Champion

Top Champion is a Massively Multiplayer mobile cricket game guaranteed to keep you hooked and engage you for hours. The gameplay follows a format never seen before, where you can challenge your friends to different matches and take part in an online league tournament. The beta version has already been rolled out and the game is currently being tested. Expected to launch by the end of this month.

Loco Coco

Meet Cheta-Nut, the laziest coconut tree climber in Kerala. Compete with your friends to see who can make him climb a coconut tree for the longest time. Collect silver and golden coconuts on the way to unlock power-ups. Let this Coco climber go completely loco. But watch out for those bird nests and other obstacles that can knock you down!

The Battle of Kurukshetra

Our most anticipated project, guaranteed to take the Indian gaming world by storm. It is so top secret that we cannot say anything else about it for now, but do watch this space for more.

  • Chief Hacker

    Developed his first game when he was just 16, Sumeet’s passion for gaming can be rivaled by only one thing – his passion for bikes. Currently he’s stuck in a game he cannot win – Marriage.

  • Chief Ninja

    After dropping out of IIM-Bangalore because he was spending his whole time playing PC games, Kima trailblazed the digital advertising scene for 5 years before finally returning to his dream – Gaming.

  • Chief Stroker

    Not that kinda stroker, Diren heads the creative team and has more than 13 years of experience in game art and conceptualization, with past clients such as Zynga, Sony, Disney, THQ, etc. to name a few.

  • Dark Mystic

    Who knows how this guy manages to churn out codes and scripts in just a matter of minutes. But that’s what he does. And we don’t question the dark side. Unless there’s whisky in the house.

  • Man-At-Arms

    Now this is one helluva passionate animator. He volunteered to work 2 weeks before his joining date, for free! One time he even forgot to go home. He’s the reason why we have shampoo in office now.

  • GIF Hunter

    With over 6 years of experience, Mubasshir, or Moby as we lovingly call him, is highly skilled in both concept art and pre-production, and is lucky enough to have worked on both DC and Marvel projects.

  • Brush Extraordinaire

    Whenever you play CS with your friends, there’s always that asshole in your own team who flash bombs everybody right? Shashank is that guy. We hate him for that, but absolutely love his illustrations.

  • The Flash

    Don’t be fooled by this girl's cool demeanor, this gamer gurl can kick anybody’s ass in Mortal Kombat, Tekken and Flash animations. Character design is her passion, fatality combos are her specialties.

  • The Novelist

    Say graphics novel and the first name that pops up is Rajat. Having worked on numerous graphics novel, Rajat strength lies in concept art and he's also a master mimic when it comes to Bollywood actors.

  • Chief Dictator

    He’s the youngest member of our group. Restless, wild and always up for a game, he is our main source of inspiration. Except of course when he poops and stinks up the whole office.

  • Official Hotstepper

    Stuck at an idea? Don’t know which direction to take? No problem. When this hairy little critter walks across our keyboards without giving a rat’s ass, he types out things that generate magic.

  • Whip Lasher

    He walks in, judging everybody with his deep intense gaze, making everybody stop slacking. He's the perfect example of "Listen, I don't give a fu*k. Just do your work and stop wasting time".

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